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Giving Back

ETC believes in giving back to the community we live in, locally and globally.

We support a number of non-profit organizations:

Children of Grace

November, 2014 — ETC partnered with Sharon and Robert Osterholt who donated the fifth house to another well deserving family in Jinja, Uganda.

July, 2014 — Sharon and Robert Osterholt were amazing partners with ETC and together, they donated the fourth house in Uganda. Gallery below!

March, 2013 — ETC Building & Design is excited to announce the completion of a third home in Uganda! See pictures of the transformation below!

September, 2012 — ETC Building & Design is pleased to announce the completion of a second home in Uganda. A neighborhood celebration is underway after months of hard work from our friends at COG and the local people with support from ETC. Finishing touches include a solar light source to provide enough light for Margaret and her two children to do their homework and read after the sun goes down. See photos of the completed home and the construction process, together with Margaret and her family below.

May, 2012 — Children of Grace reached out to ETC this month to share exciting updates in Uganda made possible through our continued support of empowerment programs and operations in the area. With an impressive 87% literacy rate, Ugandan children are eager to open a good book. The challenge facing Children of Grace is that most children in Uganda have minimal access to reading material. ETC Building & Design stepped in to support “Read 2 Succeed!” – a mobile library which travels through different villages and towns providing CoG students with more than 1,000 books and special book readings outside the classroom. During a recent holiday break in April, more than 150 students participated in the Read to Succeed program! See photos of the Read to Succeed program below.

October, 2010 — ETC founders Mike Essrig and Chris Taylor have just returned from a trip to Uganda where they got a first-hand view of the philanthropic work of Children of Grace. This organization offers hope to Ugandan AIDS orphans through education, nutrition, healthcare and empowerment programs to enable a better future. Essrig and Taylor experienced the poverty, devastation and disease in the villages there, and saw how Children of Grace is improving the lives of these children. The organization is extremely efficient in its support of some 700 orphans, with assessment, care and mentor-ship.

ETC Completes Fifth Home In Uganda: ETC would like to, once again, thank Sharon and Robert Osterholt who were ETC partners in donating this house.

ETC Completes Fourth Home In Uganda: ETC would like to thank Sharon and Robert Osterholt who were ETC partners in donating this house.

ETC Completes Third Home In Uganda:

ETC, Together With COG Complete Second Home In Uganda:

The ‘Read To Succeed’ Program Is A Huge Success:

A Wonderful Success Story: Jajja, Caroline & Josepine: Pictured below are Caroline and Josephine. They have made tremendous progress in the two months since Children of Grace found them in an isolated village. Caroline is now very much enjoying the food she gets everyday. Josephine shows a newfound love of play. In addition, she now gets very excited when she sees the Children of Grace car pull up – and cries when they leave. A doctor visited here on a missions trip recently and performed a fairly simple surgery that helped straighten one of Josephine’s eyes. The girls are healthy enough to go home to their grandmother now, and Children of Grace is working to give her grandmother the confidence to care for the girls.

Photos from Uganda: A special thanks to Vince and Lori Renda who helped donate the 1st house in Uganda.

ETC joined Gary and Mary Adams to help build the 2013 La Mission House Build in Mexico in only three days!

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